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KODL interview on biosimilars

May 04// Advocates in the news

Oregon Advocate Anna Meyer speaks on an interview for KODL for Biosimilars


HEALTH CENTRAL – Biologics and Substitution: Advocating for Your Right to Know

Apr 29// Advocates in the news GHLF in the news

Would you want your pharmacist to tell you and your doctor if they substituted your biologic medication with a similar, but not identical drug? Of course you would. But as biosimilars — a less expensive mimic of Biologics — are introduced on the U.S. market, individual states are deciding how and when they can be […]


More States Demand Notification to Use Biosimilar Drugs

Mar 30// Advocates in the news GHLF in the news

Without the medicine Rachelle Crow takes for her rheumatoid arthritis, the 29-year-old Michigan woman’s face would frequently feel as if it were engulfed in flames. She would barely be able to crawl out of bed. She would have trouble opening or closing her fists or lifting her 3-year-old daughter. Crow can do all those things […]


Houston Chronicle – Soaring specialty drug prices leave patients seeking relief

Mar 23// Advocates in the news GHLF in the news

Julie Wiles of Spring says she found relief from rheumatoid arthritis when she began receiving injections of Enbrel, a drug that costs $2,500 a week. But even with insurance coverage, Wiles can no longer afford Enbrel. Instead, she takes a combination of less expensive drugs and injections that hasn’t been nearly as effective.   Read […]


The Washington Post – Biologics are revolutionizing care for some diseases, but they are very costly

Mar 23// Advocates in the news

Mariah Leach felt at the top of her game six years ago. At age 25, she was pursuing a law degree and a master’s in environmental policy at the University of Colorado, earning straight A’s and playing water polo with the university’s club team. But then her toes began to hurt. A few weeks, later […]


International Business Times – Generic Biologics? After FDA Approves First Biosimilar Drug, Education, Clearer Policies Needed, Experts Say

Mar 11// Advocates in the news GHLF in the news

Last year, when Mariah Leach was pregnant with her son, her rheumatoid arthritis flared up again. She had stopped medication during pregnancy, but when the autoimmune disease, which causes painful and damaging inflammation in joints and elsewhere, resurged, she and her doctors made the difficult decision for her to restart during her third trimester, based […]


LA Times: FDA approves knockoff of Amgen’s Neupogen chemo recovery drug

Mar 10// Advocates in the news

Mariah Leach, 32, a Colorado woman who uses biologics to treat rheumatoid arthritis, said she hopes pharmacies and insurers don’t force her to take a biosimilar version. “The opportunity to have a less expensive treatment option is fabulous,” she said. “I just don’t want to be put on it without my choice. I don’t want […]


USA Today: ‘Biosimilar’ drugs could save patients, USA billions

Mar 06// Advocates in the news GHLF in the news

In a move expected to increase competition and lower drug prices, the Food and Drug Administration today approved the first “biosimilar” drug, designed to closely mimic existing drugs grown in living cells. Pharmaceutical companies have been able to produce low-cost generic drugs for three decades, but they haven’t before been able to produce knockoff versions […]


CBS Denver: State Lawmakers Weigh Issue Of Biosimilars

Feb 15// Advocates in the news

Much cheaper, life-saving drugs could become available this year. They are called biosimilars and are copycat versions of drugs for diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and psoriasis….


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