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The 50-State Network vision is to ensure that people living with any diagnosed, chronic illness maintain and grow their voices – lending personal perspective to Washington, DC or throughout the 50 State Capitols, hearing rooms, regulatory meetings and other public forums around the country. Healthcare conversations that impact our access to care must include the voices most impacted: patients and our families.

Seth’s 50-State Network is dedicated to the safety, healing and self-determination of people living with chronic illness. Through outreach, education, and advocacy, we strive to create a world in which patients know that they are not alone and that their unique perspective is informing policymakers in the creation of health policy.

We take action through advocacy, education, and outreach. Seth’s 50-State Network engages with its members daily, coordinates weekly, and educates monthly, ensuring that state and federal governments serve their citizens responsibly.

Informed by our work with our patient population CreakyJoints and our parent organization Global Healthy Living Foundation, the 50-State Network is a community of advocates dedicated to ensuring that legislation and public policies promote better access to healthcare.

For example, patients who need non-preferred or specialty tierdrugs often go into medical debt and bankruptcy in efforts to continue their life-saving treatment. Seth’s 50-State Network understand this and fights to contain costs, to help the patient avoid medical debt and to continue monthly treatment. Through advocacy efforts, patients help patients stay on their treatments, and potentially save from loss of productivity. The community also saves the nation billions of dollars in direct costs to the health care system.


We have a passionate team, dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic disease.




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