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Study Examines Impact of Cost Sharing on Specialty Drug Use

Dec 21// Specialty Tier Drugs

A study in the American Journal of Managed Care found that reductions in the use of specialty drugs in rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and multiple sclerosis are generally associated with higher cost sharing, though the effects vary by disease type. Read more


IFPA Reveals Findings of Non-Medical Switching Analysis

Dec 21// Non-Medical Switching

The Institute for Patient Access (IFPA) review of Medicare data for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Crohn’s disease or immunodeficiency found that concerns about the negative consequences of non-medical switching are warranted. Specifically, they concluded that non-medical switching can negatively impact patient care and increase healthcare expenses, particularly for RA patients. Read more.


CSRO Statement on Non-Medical Switching

Dec 14// Non-Medical Switching

A change of medication in a stable patient for non-medical reasons puts the patient at unnecessary risk, according to the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations (CSR0). Absent any medical reason for the switch, the CSRO says patients should be allowed to remain on their current medication as long as they are medically stable. Read more.


GHLF Public Comments at ICER Review

Jun 30// Letters and Testimony

Global Healthy Living Foundation 50-State Network advocate Lisa Tent delivers Osteoporosis patient perspective to ICER, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review.


GHLF Rebukes Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s Forthcoming Analysis on Osteoporosis Treatments

Apr 26// Press Releases

Conclusions from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s forthcoming draft on osteoporosis treatments anti-patient and methodologically flawed.


GHLF supports Iowa HF 233

Apr 11// Letters and Testimony

Global Healthy Living Foundation President and Co-Founder, Seth Ginsberg, issued a powerful statement to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad urging him to support House Bill 233.


GHLF supports MT HB 233

Jan 19// Letters and Testimony

HB 233 takes positive steps toward updating Montana law to cover biologics and biosimilars in a way that protects patients. Unlike traditional chemical drugs, biologics are unique, complex structures made from living cells that are not easily replicated. A small change or difference in the biosimilar or biologic manufacturing process has the potential to adversely impact the patient. […]


Florida patient sentiment toward non-medical drug switching

Jan 18// Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT Jessica Daitch Phone: 917-816-6712 Email: [email protected] Survey Finds Insurance Companies are Forcing Floridians Off Prescribed Medications During the Plan Year, Providing A Need for New Legislation to Fix the Problem Nearly all respondents (94%) support legislation prohibiting insurance companies from financially pressuring them to switch from their prescribed medication UPPER […]


50 State Network Director of Advocacy Steve Marmaras interviewed on Alaska Radio

Jan 05// GHLF in the news

Global Healthy Living Foundation’s Director of State and National Advocacy, Stephen Marmaras, recently was interviewed on the radio in Alaska to discuss recent biosimilar legislation and its implications for Alaskans.


GHLF offers comments on off label uses of medications

Jan 05// Advocacy Testimony Letters and Testimony

Director of State and National Advocacy, Stephen Marmaras, commented on off label uses of medications on November 9th, 2016. He acknowledges the promise to patients off label usage offers, as well as the disparity of education between large medical centers and more isolated rural providers. Marmaras proposes further distribution of peer reviewed articles for education, […]