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GHLF supports HI HB 254 HD2

3/ 24


AUTHOR: 50SN Staff

DATE: Mar 24, 2016


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GHLF supports HI HB 254 HD2

HB 254 HD 2 takes positive steps toward updating Hawaii law to cover biologics and biosimilars in a way that protects patients. As you know, unlike traditional chemical drugs, biologics are unique, complex structures made from living cells that are not easily replicated. A small change or difference in the biosimilar or biologic manufacturing process has the potential to adversely
impact the patient.

There are four provisions in HB 254 HD 2 that GHLF believes are key to ensuring patients’
safety and needs are met in the best way possible.

  • First, the bill requires a pharmacist dispensing an interchangeable biosimilar to notify the
    prescribing physician within five business days.
  • Second, the bill clearly states that the patient for whom the biological product is prescribed must be informed of the substitution and has the right to refuse it.
  • Third, it requires pharmacies to retain record of the substitution.
  • Fourth, it requires that physicians have the opportunity to prevent a substitution by
    instructing “do not substitute” or “dispense as written” on the prescription.

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