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The 50-State Network is a grassroots advocacy organization comprised of patients like you. We are working to share the patient perspective, which is crucial in the State and Federal health policy and regulatory arenas. Patients need a voice in all conversations that relate to our access to treatment, safety, or the quality of our care. This community is made up of patients living with diverse chronic illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and psoriasis, and the people who care about them. The 50-State Network is about transforming pain into purpose, empowering those that may feel victimized by disease. Our focus is on repurposing the energy of frustration, despair, and helplessness into positive mobilization, action, and fair representation to benefit all of us. Our formula, which we offer to our fellow patients and their loved ones, is to take lemons and make lemonade.
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The FDA Introduces Naming Conventions for Biosimilars

Patient advocacy groups are praising the FDA for releasing a draft guidance that outlines the FDA’s proposed guidelines for naming biologics and biosimilars.

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Maligned FDA Deserves Standing Ovation

Oftentimes, we forget how valuable our FDA is because we are used to only seeing the sensational critiques in the media: unwarranted drug approvals, inadequate surveillance, negligent public alerts or inappropriate industry influence.

Victory in the USA

Thank you Advocates! FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Biosimilar Naming: A Proposed Rule that Designates Official Names and Proper Names for Certain Biological Products Your efforts are making a difference. GHLF is pleased to share that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a draft guidance requiring biological products licensed under the Public Health Service […]