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State Needs to Stop Bait and Switch by Insurers

Mar 30/50SN Staff/ Articles

When you sign an annual health insurance contract, you expect the services, physicians, and medications in the formulary to be available all year long. Unfortunately, many people aren’t getting what they paid for.


GHLF Releases User’s Guide to the Healthcare System

Mar 30/50SN Staff/ GHLF in the news

GHLF has just released a User’s Guide to the Healthcare System. Included are explanations of common insurance barriers, tools for communicating with your provider’s office, information on how patients can become advocates, and more. Learn more below:


Become a migraine advocate

Mar 13/Jamie Sanders/ Articles Migraine

Becoming a patient advocate teaches us that our pain has a purpose.


Patients’ bills may surge due to new insurer policy on drug coupons

Mar 09/David Curtis/ Articles

By Paul Demko 03/02/2018 04:20 PM EDT Patients with severe, often life-threatening illnesses could see steep and unexpected drug costs in the coming weeks due to an arcane change in the way many insurers handle drug maker discounts. At issue are coupons that pharmaceutical companies provide for pricey treatments for diseases like cancer, HIV, hepatitis […]


Pfizer Website Offers Primer on Biosimilars

Dec 26/50SN Staff/ Biosimilars

Pfizer offers a patient-friendly explanation of biosimilars – what they are, how they differ from generics, and how they are developed and approved, among other topics on the company’s biosimilars website. Read more.