Biosimilar Patient Attributes

We surveyed our advocates and in order for them to feel comfortable, these are the questions they need answered:

  1. Do support services that accompany the biosimilar therapy measure up to the best services individuals have received in the past? (Support services include educational materials, financial help, or a phone / email contact to use for questions.)
  2. .Is there clinical trial data that show that this drug has been tested and proven to be therapeutically similar? Patients want to know how similar a biosimilar really is or in other words, they want a variance index against innovator drugs.
  3. Are any cost savings of a biosimilar being passed on to managed care/commercially insured individuals or in the case of Department of Defense, Medicare/Medicaid passed on to taxpayers?
  4. Biologics and biosimilars should have a distinguishable naming system.
  5. If step therapy or fail first therapies are applied to biologics and biosimilars in the future, then step edits should be limited to no more than one failure prior to receiving the therapy originally prescribed by a physician.