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Become a 50-State Network Advocate

Thank You For Your Interest in the 50-State Network

Joining the 50-State Network is the first step toward health advocacy.

The 50-State Network, now in its sixth year, continues to grow thanks to people like you who have come forward to help. Part of the non-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, the 50-State Network is a free program (there is never a cost to participate) and activities are all voluntary.

Together, we can change the lives of people living with chronic disease by advocating to improve our healthcare system – which begins at home in our communities and State Capitols and continues nationally on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Our focus is on both, and it is your choice to participate locally or nationally in our activities.

Joining the 50-State Network takes just a few minutes, and then you will be plugged into a nation-wide and state-by-state community of other like-minded people who are living with chronic conditions (or love someone who is). Together, we share our strength, experience, wants and needs as a patient community so that we can raise our voices with our healthcare decision-makers and get what we deserve.

If you would like to learn more information on how to lend your voice to support these reforms and ensure that patients are protected, please fill out the information below and join the 50-State Network.

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes and will help our team aid you in becoming the best patient advocate possible. 

We promise not to share this information with anyone, what we will do is:

  1. Have a team member from 50 State Network call you personally to find out more about you and your story
  2. You will be notified on pressing issues in your state and how you can be a part of in modifying legislation to prevent insurance companies from denying service. 
  3. You can take part in a monthly conference call with other 50 State Network Advocates to share ideas and empower and be empowered as a team member. 

The first step is the simple registration below, which will prompt one of our dedicated advocacy team members to connect individually with you about specific advocacy issues or actions occurring in your state. You may also choose to continue the registration and profile process now, which you can do after the initial set of questions. Note that your privacy is as important to us as your health. Thank you for your interest in the 50-State Network. We look forward to helping you along your health advocacy journey!